About the game

In a world where crime has become commonplace,
where going to school or facing the streets are choices of equal value,
where corruption and cheating have become ordinary,
a world where any means are necessary to survive,

You will have no choice but to play on both sides of the law.

Game Modes

There are several game modes in CrimeClub :

FFA – Deathmatch

Kill other players and get their money

TDM – Team deathmatch

Same as deathmatch but in team

BAGS – Capture the bags

Like Capture The Flag but with a bag instead.


Meet and organize with the community.
PVP and weapon disabled.
More info about this soon


Dojo Aim training minigame
More info about this soon


This mode will be released with the future Clans Update.
More info about this soon


You can choose between 5 characters when creating a new profile.

Each character has several skins to vary their outfits and colors.

All characters have the same characteristics for the moment.
This may change in the future (bonus / malus of talents, weapons, items, skills and other unique cosmetic customizations).



Son of a bandit and a murdered mother, Ade grew up in the suburbs of Paris.
After a youth spent between the boxing gym and the school offices, his brother is killed.

Forced to return to the hood to take care of his family and take over the business, he forged himself in hatred to become what he should not have been.


Rising businesswoman, sitting on a financial empire built by professional choices without love or family.

She reigns alone by terror on the international markets.


Hustl only knew one life as a gang member.

Born in New York, of an unknown father and a crackhead mother, he was built on his own.

From watchman to corner dealer, insensitive to violence since the age of 8, Hustl evolves on the market of death between murders and arms sales.


Mirai, a gifted child of the Russian middle class, grew up in the barracks of his military father.

Spending his time on the training grounds, very young, he was passionate about computer science and parkour. At 16, he joined a renowned clan of hackers. 2 years later, he took the lead.

He is the author of one of the largest computer virus ever devised, named after himself, the Mirai.

Yaku We don’t know much about Yaku, except that she never knew her parents nor the school.



The 1st floor of the Crime Club


Modes HUB / FFA
Players 1-50
Club Map Screenshot


Attack/Defense of the Supertanker


Mode BAG
Players 10
Teams 2
Time 10 min
Dock Map Screenshot


Players 10
Dojo Map Screenshot


Mode FFA
Players 6
Teams 2
Time 10 min
KillHouse Map Screenshot


Mode BAG
Players 20
Teams 4
Time 10 min


Scampia Map Screenshot


Mode BAG
Players 30
Teams 2
Time 10 min
Elysee Map Screenshot




Type Melee
Damages ?
FireRate ~0.3
Reload Time 0.1
Type Rifle
Damages 44
Fire Rate 0.15
Fire Range 20
Reload Time 4
Magazine Size 26
Type Rifle
Damages 150
Fire Rate 0.8
Fire Range 80
Reload Time 2.5
Magazine Size 5
Type Gun
Damages 100
Fire Rate 0.4
Fire Range 36
Reload Time 1
Magazine Size 7
Type Shotgun
Damages 80
Fire Rate 0.3
Fire Range 15
Reload Time 0.4
Magazine Size 3
Type Rifle
Damages 34
Fire Rate 0.155
Fire Range 20
Reload Time 5
Magazine Size 42
Type Gun
Damages 33
Fire Rate 0.3
Fire Range 20
Reload Time 1
Magazine Size 12
Type Rifle
Damages 33
Fire Rate 0.1
Fire Range 19
Reload Time 2
Magazine Size 16


Skills & Secondary Weapons


Name Status Description

Frag Grenade

Released A classic fragmentation grenade


Released Drop it and detonate it at the right time. Will explode if another explosive explode nearby.


Released Drop it on enemy path. Will explode if another explosive explode nearby.

Smoke Grenade

In progress Fill an area with smoke

Flash Grenade

In progress Players in area of effect won’t see shit

Molotov Grenade

In progress Fill an area with fire



Kick Melee

In progress Scatter your enemies’ teeth

Knife Melee

In progress Knife Skill A quick and painful stab

Buttstroke Melee

Planned Smash your enemy face with your weapon



Gas Grenade

Planned Fill an area with gas

Flame Throw



You can find equipable items in game.
Some of them can activate stats bonuses or maluses when equipped.

When a player dies, his equipped items fall to the ground and can be looted by other players.


Bag Equipment / Special object

One of the most valuables items in the game.

Find them and bring them back to your team spawn point.

Money Loot

You can find money when exploring or killing other players.

If you die, all your money is dropped on the ground and you lose everything.

Helmet Equipment / Head

You can find and equip motorbike helmets.

[Planned] Armor bonus

Sombrero Equipment / Hat You can find and equip a sombrero to look more mysterious.
Kevlar Equipment / Body [PLANNED] Armor bonus
Hood Equipment / Head [PLANNED] Equip this to look more mysterious.
Gas Mask Equipment / Head [PLANNED] Gas Resistance

Build Tree

The player starts at level 1 and gains experience with each game.

At each new level he unlocks a new point of expertise up to level 50. After this, the player continues to gain levels, but no longer gains expertise points.

These expertise points allow him to customize and improve his character in his way of playing.


HP Get more health
HP Regen Faster health regeneration
Stamina Get more stamina
Stamina Regen Regenerate your stamina faster
Sprint Stamina Sprint will consume less stamina
Speed Increase your base speed
Sprint Speed Increase your sprint speed
Crouch Speed Walk faster while crouched
Aim Speed Walk faster while aiming (mouse right click)
Dash Cooldown Dash more often
Dash Stamina Dash will consume less stamina
Dash Range Increase dash distance
Dash Speed Dash faster
Reload Time Reload faster
Melee Strength [PLANNED] Be stronger